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revised 7-7-2021


gall insect galleries

some causers and inquilines found in

oak & rose bedeguar galls


click on the appropriate gallery: Oak Gall Causers,  Oak Gall Inquilines, Oak Gall Parasites, Bedeguar causer, Bedeguar Inquiline, Bedeguar Parasitoids



 From the left: Rose bedeguar gall, Common spangle on oak, Cherry gall on oak


Terms used here:

A 'plant gall' is a specifically-shaped, consistant growth on a plant, produced by a gall-wasp, providing food and shelter for the insect-causer.

'causer' is the species of insect which causes that particular gall to form and grow into its unique shape and composition.

An 'inquiline' is an insect which lays its egg within the gall and whose larva feeds on its food store, but does nothing to promote the evolution of the gall.

'parasitoid' is a parasitic wasp (chalcid or ichneumon) which lays its eggs in or on the insects found inside the gall - whether causers, inquilines or other parasitoids.

'mor 'f' refer to male or female (sexual) insects.

'ag' is an agamic female; one that reproduces asexually.

'lengths' in millimetres are for head & body only - excluding projecting ovipositor sheaths.