all pictures © robin williams

 a local diary

wildlife, pictures & thoughts from the Somerset Levels

as seen by Robin Williams



  This Diary arose from within the original ideas for the site. People often have phones and computers full of pictures which vanish from memory and are lost in the depths of their programs. I was determined to produce a system to keep my pictures visible, not forgotten - a permanent personal picture-gallery on my computer, but visible to others who may be interested. In printing the pictures on-line, there came a need to provide explanations of circumstances, notes or thoughts made at the time - hence the evolution of a complete diary, with special emphasis on the Somerset Levels and its wildlife. I live locally and my lifelong interests are photographing and watching wildlife. To make it easy to follow, it is broken down into monthly sections, called up by a single click on the front page; individual days are entered only when moments or pictures of interest occur.

also - 'Diary' somehow seems a more friendly term than 'blog'.

  With limited screen-space, only 13 months of the Diary are published at any one time; enabling visitors to compare the situation during the current period and within the same month in the previous year. As a new period is added, the last one is un-published. All previous months are available, by arrangement, should someone wish to consult them. Their value as a long-term source remains for the life of the website. Similarly, the entire site has been printed off, with each month being added as it is finished - providing a complete hard-copy of text and pictures since 2010.