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revised 28-12-2021

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in the field, unconstrained


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 The website

As digital photography gained ground, eventually becoming my favoured system, I realised that I needed something to replace glancing through numbers of  Kodachrome slides, otherwise my pictures would vanish from view. A few years ago Tim Vowles, an old friend of mine and a real computer expert, asked whether I would be interested in setting up a website? I realised that this was the answer. A website would offer all sorts of advantages apart from this, but setting up photographic galleries would be the answer to my query. My pictures would be visible at the click of a mouse, sorted into common features. Perfect.


Over the years, these sets of pictures have been extracted from the website, and built up into specific galleries. They are updated regularly, bringing on new material and reviewing old pictures. This gallery is confined to flight photography of insects; even so, it holds a considerable number of images.

Using each sub-section

For ease of use, the gallery is split into sections. These sub-groups are selected by clicking on each heading. This will bring up a gallery of individual pictures. Click on a picture to centre and enlarge it, as well as display its caption.



In these galleries, sizes (in millimetres) may cover the whole range for male and female (excluding antennae or protruding ovipositor sheaths), except where the sex is mentioned in the caption for an individual picture. This is designed to provide a guide to the appearance of each species, though slenderness or bulk also has a considerable effect in deciding field sightings. A full set of bumblebee sizes, lengths for each sex of every species, is contained in the section - bumblebees.