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Headings, at the top of the page, are the key to obtaining information within the site. Although all headings have their special features, there are three main streams; the principal being a local wildlife Diary, a continually updated feature with words and pictures. Much of the remainder is devoted to an introduction to Hymenoptera (bees, wasps, ants), their identification, life-styles and general history. Finally, there are extensive Galleries of insects and birds in flight, which are up-dated annually.


Each heading is activated by passing the cursor over it. This brings up a list of sub-headings, each of which may have further sub-settings. For instance, to open up January 2017 in Diary, hover over 2017, look to the right and a list of months or periods appears, click on *January and the month's entries will appear.

For Flight galleries, cursor to 'Photography', select sub-heading 'Bird or Insect Flight gallery', click on it. To enlarge a thumbnail picture, click on the centre.

(Click on words tinted BLUE to take you to the selected area of the site.)

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