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FLIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY of insects can be one of the greatest challenges for a photographer. However, the advent of the latest generation of digital SLRs (current in 2013) has brought with it such technical improvements that the impossible has become possible for many situations, though there will always be further challenges waiting. The following page shows a collection of such flight shots, and the links below take you to pages that detail the techniques used and suggest some helpful books. These pictures were all taken in the wild, using standard camera-mounted flash. They were NOT taken with studio-based high-speed flash systems. I hope this inspires others to have a go at this rewarding field.

Birds & Others

Bird photography has come on apace with digital techniques but is still one of the great challenges which face natural history photographers. Techniques such as lens stabilisation, internal focussing and digital processing make obtaining well-focussed, perfectly-exposed pictures easier, but still there remains the human element of composition and recording the exact moment. Recent years have seen many fine images published in magazines and books which provide goals to emulate.

Grey heron, Ardea cinerea                          © robin williams

A most important factor in continuing the hunt for ever-improved wildlife pictures is identification. Taking a picture and later wondering what the animal may be, is not so appealing as knowing at least what its general identification is. Pictures may be amazing, but there is nothing like knowing what the image represents. I have been asked if there are books that might act as an introduction to the subject, without being so technincal as to put people off. Initial introduction may be sufficient, though often it will lead to needing more information - the way to becoming interested in particular fields, families or aspects. A few helpful introductory books I still use are:

Collins Bird Guide, by Killian Mullarney, Lars Svensson, Dan Zetterstom, Peter J. Grant. (With every species illustrated by top quality colour drawings, a fantastic effort)

Wild Flowers of Britain & Ireland, by Marjorie Blamey, Richard Fitter & Alastair Fitter. (Many editions leave this still as the great work on our flora, with 5,000 coloured illustrations)

Insects of Britain & Western Europe, by Michael Chinery. (A superb general handbook with 2,000 first-class coloured illustrations)

Insects of Britain & Ireland, by Paul D. Brock. (An amazing compilation of information, with 2,700 of the author's own photograps taken in the wild)


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Birds and others

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